That’s all for now, folks!

2016 is drawing to a close, and so are Scumbox Mondays. It’s been a blast unleashing new shit every week, but it’s equally stressy and not how we’d like to operate. From 2017, we’ll be taking our time and focusing on quality over quantity. It’s done when it’s done.

End of year shout-outs to Blunt Skate Store for stocking our shit and generally just being dons, Daniel Hayman for ensuring our videos are still signed off with a badass soundtrack, Dave Monolith for supplying some audible bangers to Rob’s skate edits, WalesOnCraic for the support and gut-punishingly funny content, everyone who bought a t-shirt or single to fund the Scumbox war machine, and to the people who still watch our shit after all these years ‘n share it about. We’ll see you next year for hugz by the big screen…